Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Today I started working on the PowerPoint for the final presentation. First, I made a very broad skeleton based on the outline (see Maria's blog) that we made. Then, I made notes on the second slide (the first slide is just a title slide) on what we would say during the presentation. Three paragraphs (not very long ones) took a very long time. This was since I wrote the general idea of what I wanted to say, rewrote it so that it wasn't awkward to speak (since formal writing doesn't fit with formal talking), rewrote it so that it flowed better with how I spoke, rewrote it so that it was concise and easy to follow, rewrote it, and rewrote it so many times for each and every paragraph. Basically, I rewrote the paragraphs a lot. And I still want to rewrite them and change the order of some paragraphs. The purpose of this is so that the presentation flows with minimal confusions.

I also, if you didn't notice, stopped working on Python since it would be a better use of time to do other things instead of learning all the code that is required to create the virtual gallery we would be using for our experiment when Nate already knows how to do it. I realize the point of this internship is to learn new things, but because we still have to interpret the data that we still have to filter through, do another part of the experiment, and interpret the data from that part of the experiment, we don't have a lot of time on our hands. And even with the things we are doing, that is a learning experience in itself. So instead, we decided that Nate will make the gallery while Maria continue on the AOIs while I work on the presentation.

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