Friday, August 5, 2016


I came in early today because of some transportation situations (I arrived around 7:25) and went to the undergraduate breakfast with Maria, Emily, and Niels.

Then I went to listened to some talks. The first talk I went to was something about business, though it was hard to follow since the undergraduate basically read off his PowerPoint that didn't really explain what he was trying to say all too well. But, I suppose it was geared more towards people who actually knew about business, so it makes sense I didn't know what he was trying to say.

The next talk I went to was better. It was more structured and actually told us what the objective of his presentation was. The quick summary of his presentation is that he was trying to find an alloy of silver that would be the toughest and strongest to suit his purposes.

The last talk I went to ended as soon as I entered and sat down. It was literally five minutes, and I was late because the previous one ended a little later. So I didn't get to really hear anything for the third one.

Then I went back to the reading room and worked on the abstract, and later, the AOIs. Then, it was lunch time. By that time, I wasn't feeling too well and when we got to the lunch room, I was seeing white. I walk around for a bit and ran into a wall. Sitting down, I tried looking around, but I couldn't see anything, my vision was all white. Everything was white. So some people came and made sure I was okay and diagnosed it was just dehydration. And Emily was there carrying my lunch with a big cookie in it. I really wanted that cookie.

Eventually, I got to sit in a police car and go back to the imaging science building and ate the cookie. Then my mom picked me up and I went home.

Thanks to Joe Pow, Bob Callens, Emily, and Maria for being there with me.

The cookie was good.

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