Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Today was a blur to me since I had a headache for most of the day. I'll do the list again:
1.) Worked on presentation
2.) Worked on AOI
3.) Ate pizza for lunch
4.) Listened to a talk about a lake in Africa. It was interesting how so many fields came together: the elevation of the lake (geography), its history (earth science), how lava flow disrupts the biodiversity of the lake while killing off a lot of people by releasing a massive amount of CO2  from the bottom of the lake (biology and chemistry, respectively), how we could take advantage of the released gases by converting them into energy(energy), and so on.
5.) Went back to working on the presentation.
6.) Went to take part in an experiment, but had to reschedule it for tomorrow.
7.) Met with Susan and talked about what we should include and exclude from our presentation.
8.) Met with Gabe and planned to meet again tomorrow to update him on what we're doing.
9.) Had hot chocolate.
10.) Watched movie.

And finally brought home the sausages from last Friday.

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