Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Today we went further with designing the experiment. But, before we continued with the design, we talked to professor Jeff about the binary system. Jeff answers questions with really long answers, but I like it since his explanation is good.

After Jeff answered our (me and Maria's) questions, we (me, Maria, and Nate) were transferred to Susan. We decided that we would use the large art gallery for the experiment. Then, we discussed how the experiment was going to happen: what materials we need, what questions we would ask, what order we would ask the questions, how we would randomize some of the experiment, et cetera.

Sometime in between, we were transferred to Elena and simulated some of what we would do in one part of the experiment.

Basically, we spent most of the day simulating and designing how our experiment would be done.

And there was a fire drill today (there was one yesterday too).

...I almost lost this post and almost had to type this again. Thanks to Emily for getting this blog back. Cheers.

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