Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Today all the interns met in the reading room and planned the cook out for Friday.

Then we went off into our groups. My group materialized the plans we were outlining yesterday for the experiment. I had a little trouble organizing part of the experiment, but it worked out in the end - hopefully (I'm not going to say what it was because I know you other interns are reading, so I'll keep the experiment secret from you test subjects).

In between the materializing, us interns went to a talk by professor Jeff. I think the main reason most of us went was because of the free pizza. Anyways, Jeff's talk had to be a bit rushed since we started out late. Nevertheless, it was interesting in that it was both familiar (from boot camp) and new material.

And that's basically what I did today.

By the way, I'm typing on my new and very first phone; I think my typing speed skills are improving. Level up!

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