Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Today I worked on the AOIs again, and I'm still on the 5th person. I never really specified what the AOIs are for, so I'll do that now: it's like a filter that lets us see only that data inside the area we are interested in - in our case, the areas are the paintings the interns were looking at.

Sometime in the afternoon, my group went to Gabe. He wasn't present. Instead a student was there in his place. We then downloaded Python, a coding program, and then were taught some simple things we could do on it (such as using variables).

One last thing: when we were taking a break, I was telling Maria a story with my small imagination. It was a story about a son who wanted to avenged the murder of his mother. So he had to kill his father. But, in the end, the father killed the son and revealed that it was the son who killed the mother.  I thought it was a great plot twist. Maria thought ohterwise.

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