Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today was a blur of events. ...I feel like listing them today:
1.) Morning meeting. I confirmed to bring hamburger (not hotdog) buns.
2.) Continued getting experiment data.
3.) Went to lunch with all the interns to union place. I brought lunch (a muffin) and then bought french fries.
4.) Went back to the AOIs.
5.) Went to professor Nate to talk about mathematical modeling.
6.) Went back to work on the AOIs.
7.) Went home.

Maria and I finished another person today. About a third of the way through the third person. Nate (not the professor) worked on some code that can make our process quicker.

And that's it. The blueberry muffin looked like a lot in the morning, so I didn't pack anything else (plus I was just grabbing something from the refrigerator). Luckily, I had money with me to buy some fries.

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