Friday, July 8, 2016


Today was the the first day we had a cookout! Cookouts are every Friday, and we - the interns - had all brought something for us to eat (I brought buns). The ketchup was some kind of chunky ketchup I've never seen before, but it tasted good nevertheless. There were some extras left over; there was just a lot of food!

In my group today, we read and discussed articles and research papers we interns had picked out - I had originally chosen an article pertaining saccadic movements and decision making. I thought it was interesting, but I switched to a different article that interested me more. The second article I picked was about the relationship between gaming and visual and cognitive abilities (for example, visual acuity and mental focus). Surprisingly, video games actually improves visual and cognitive skills rather than being useless or even deteriorating such abilities. But, not all games are able improve such skills. The genre that is more likely to improve the abilities is action games rather than social games; this isn't very surprising, though, since action games are usually more intense than social games.

And I forgot to bring the extra buns home.

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