Monday, July 25, 2016


Today I continued working on the AOIs. By the end of the day, we finished 4 four people and an "outline" of the 5th person. So including the 5th person, we have two more people to go. But, alas, those two people looked at the gallery the longest. Haah...

Anyways, while I was working on the AOIs, Maria (with a bit of my help) worked on analyzing the data that is currently available (we don't have all the data until we finish the AOIs). We did some 1-proportion z-test, 2-sample t-test, linear regressions, et cetera (for the tests, we used a 5% significance level). One result we found was pretty surprising: with a P-Value of .0134, we were able to have convincing evidence that the true proportion of people who likes the painting that best fits their mood is greater than (1/12) (which is the expected proportion when choosing at pictures random).

And someone took my plastic box that I brought my in today. Ah well, I just hope it's back there tomorrow.

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