Friday, July 15, 2016


Today was much more productive than yesterday. After the mornig meeting, my group started setting up another part of the experiment environment. We didn't get to set it up completely since we needed some more material, In the meantime, we also did a test run of the experiment with the eye tracker. I had a little trouble calibrating at first, but after discovering a few tricks to make rhe calibration morw accurate, it was easier.

After that, my group met up with the rest of the interns at the grill. I didn't bring anything this time since I brought 16 buns last time (by the way, I didn't bring the extra buns home until this Wednesday). Anyways, we ate hot dogs - though I just ate the meat part with ketchup - brownies, chips, and ice cream. It wasn't raining as much today, so we got to play volleyball a bit more. The volleyball was harder then I had expected, so it usually hit the net whenever I attempted to touch it.

Then we went back to work. After getting the data from the test run, my group used BeGaze (a program) to look at some areas of interest (we were twining some areas of interest together to save a lot of time).

By the end of the day, I went to the refrigerator to get my lunch container (a plastic box). But then I realized that I didn't bring a lunch - the refrigerator was empty.

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